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Checklist (or Inventory list)

I know, I know, it looks as we are bringing a support vehicle on this trip, when scanning through the checklist below. It isn't needed though, since to our great surprise we have managed to keep the volume and weight down to the level of actually having spare room. The weight of the below articles is 55 kg. It's our actual checklist, so please excuse the level of detail.

Papers Bente

  • Passport
  • Int. driver license
  • Norwegian driver lic.
  • Vaccination card
  • Health insurance
  • Copies of the above

Papers Dag

  • Passport
  • Int. driver license
  • Norwegian driver lic.
  • Vaccination card
  • Health insurance
  • Motorcycle registration
  • Motorcycle insurance Usa/Canada
  • Valuable items insurance
  • Copies of the above
  • Inventory list to show customs

Spare parts

  • Bulbs, Plugs and Fuses
  • Electrical cables and connectors
  • Fork seals, wheel bearings
  • Drive chain links
  • Tubes for tyres, valves
  • Throttle cable
  • Assorted nuts and screws
  • Scottoiler refill
  • gas filter, mounted inline between tank and carbs
  • Clutch/brake levers
  • Spare keys !!!


  • Bit set including all necessary "formats"
  • Spanner, plier, multitool(gerber)
  • Spark plug key, wheel axel key
  • Circlip plier for fork and wheel bearing replacements
  • Small multimeter (maybe)
  • Duct tape, isolation tape, tie-wraps, thin steel wire, strong but thin rope
  • Tire replacement tools and puncture fix
  • Liftstick - replaces the centre stand
  • Air pump
  • Locktite
  • Repair handbook
  • Flash light



  • Laptop, with
  • 110-240V power adapter
  • Portable Panasonic CD read/write unit
  • Rewritable cd’s
  • Selection of software and backup cd's
  • Adapters


  • Dreamweaver webcreation
  • Microsoft office
  • Paintshop Pro
  • NikonView Digital camera
  • Norsk Språk (norwegian language huge dictionary)
  • Clue English-Norwegian-English
  • Spanish-English-Spanish
  • ACDSee photo album
  • CD creation
  • IE and Outlook Express
  • Netscape
  • iPass connection software
  • etc etc

Digital camera equipment

  • Nikon Coolpix 950
  • Flash and bracket
  • Wide angle converter
  • Tele converter
  • Filter pack
  • Battery charger with12V adapter
  • 3 set batteries
  • PCMCIA CF card adapter
  • Serial cable
  • Extra Compact Flash card 64MB

First aid

  • One complete touring kit from Aerostitch



  • Tooth brush/paste
  • Soap/shampoo/balsam
  • Sun lotion, low/high factor
  • Lotion
  • Small packs of "biotex"
  • Female periodic needs
  • One towel

Riding gear both

  • Aerostich Darien jacket/inner jacket/pants
  • MC boots/combi boots Bente
  • Winter gloves
  • Summer gloves
  • BMW Helmets
  • Warm underwear
  • Scarfs
  • Rain pants

Clothes and shoes

  • Light sandals Bente
  • Light hiking shoes Dag
  • Light pants Dag
  • Light skirt Bente
  • Jeans both
  • 4 sets socks each
  • 1 set warm socks each
  • 4 sets underwear/T-shirts each
  • One shirt each
  • Swimming gear
  • Shorts
  • Light jacket


  • World receiver radio w/alarm
  • Card deck
  • Guidebook USA/Canada (replace as we go)
  • Reading books, one each
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Light backpack for hiking

More or less the above collected in one photo. Yes, it does fit, even with space left in the boxes.


E-mail: mail at dagjen.no
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