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Route Map
Anti Scriptum
Rocinante's upgrades
Techno Solutions
01 New York
02 New England
03 Maine to Midland
04 Midland to Sturgis
05 Indians'n Cowboys
06 British Columbia
07 San Francisco
08 SF to San Diego
09 Baja to Canyons
10 Baja California
11 Northern Mexico
12 Mex. to Guatemala
13 Gua. to Costa Rica
14 CR to S. America
15 Ecuador
16 Peru and Bolivia
17 Chile
18 Patagonia
19 Argentina/Brasil
20 The road home
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Two restless people, a motorcycle named Rocinante and a long and winding road. Start point was New York in USA, endpoint was Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Welcome to a 60.000 km journey through "The New World".

Kitchen pot cactus in BajaIt was the journey of our dreams, a motorcycle trip that lasted one year and gave us an experience of a lifetime.

Going the length of these two continents with a motorcycle, is not only easier than most people think, it's also extremely rewarding. Indian and hispanic cultures blended together with a backdrop of snow capped vulcanos, surrounded by wild nature and unforeseen obstacles, make for an adventure worth every sacrifice.

Every chapter in this homepage is packed with photos and text, like telling the tale of how we screwed up in Niagara Falls, fought monkeys in Costa Rica, struggled with difficult railroad lines in Ecuador, crossed rivers in Peru, blew across Patagonia, and much more.

Really sounds like a dangerous adventure, doesn't it. Well, you better read on. All the answers are sustained in these pages.

Pick your choice of where to start on the menu to the left, and open the map for a closer look at the journey's course. The first six articles - Anti Scriptum, Itinerary, Preperations, Checklist, Rocinante's Upgrades and Techno Solutions - discuss the preparation, planning, frustration and dream phase familiar to those who have embarked on longer journeys, and hopefully interesting for those who haven't but dream about it. The next twenty articles, numbered from 01 to 20, are the actual journey, written on the road and updated on the road. We sum it all up in the Conclusion, and have added a gallery to make photo browsing easier. Enjoy and dream! Then do it yourself!

60.000 km, one year on the road


E-mail: mail at dagjen.no
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